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Jamaicans for Justice’s (JFJ’s) library and documentation centre provides books, reports, newspaper clippings and other documents on human rights and legal issues which may be referred to by the general public.  Internet access and/or computer usage is available at a nominal fee as well as scanning, printing and copying services.

Access to InformationAccess to Informationpdf5.5 KiB
Access to InformationAccess to Information Perupdf4.6 KiB
Access to InformationAccess to Information South Africapdf4.5 KiB
Access to InformationAccess to information: a key to democracypdf5.0 KiB
Access to InformationJamaicans for Justice Social and Economic JusticeThe Social and Economic Justice Situation (SEJ) Survey was designed to gather information about Jamaican’s experiences in realising key development rights. The survey was divided into seven core sections which asked respondents general and specific questions on the adequacy of their living standard (housing, food, and clothing) and their ability to realise the right to work, education, property ownership, healthcare, and social security. The Survey was designed to: complement qualitative data gathered through discussion sessions, provide us with the capacity to measure specific economic and social rights (ESR) indicators, and enable us to make informed guesses about the availability of and peoples’ access to particular resources.pdf494.9 KiB
Access to InformationRight To Information As A Matrix To Transform Societiespdf43.5 KiB
Children Rights and AbuseThe Right To Participate - Student Participation On School Boards - JFJJFJ's legal team works primarily on cases involving public authorities, especially the security forces. We provide legal support in response to police killings, unlawful detentions and abuse, discrimination of any kind, denials of access to justice and other forms of injustice. Our office accepts cases directly from victims, their families, organizations, and the general public. To submit a complaint contact our office directly or email us at MiB
Jamaicans for JusticeJFJ Response To MOYC 2014 Review Committee Final Report Of Review Of JFJ Programme - AGMpdf429.6 KiB