Become a Volunteer


Who can apply?

Jamaicans For Justice accepts applications from any person interested in volunteering their services to the organisation.  All applications received will be considered. Volunteers can start working with JFJ any month of the year.   However, the office is closed between Christmas and New Year.

How to apply?

Persons interested in volunteering their services with JFJ can apply to volunteer using JFJ’s online application portal. Applicants can upload their resumes and cover letters through our online portal and indicate their preferences.  Click here to apply to volunteer/intern today!

Upon JFJ receiving an application, the skill set of the applicant will be reviewed in order to place the volunteer where their skills are best suited.  JFJ has 3 departments where volunteers can work:

  1. AdministrationVolunteers
  2. Communications and Outreach
  3. Legal/Response Team

Desirable skills

  • Competency in oral and written English
  • Computer literacy, knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of Power Point, Excel and Word
  • Ability to research, gather information and document
  • Ability to write reports
  • Ability to host workshops and presentations
  • Respect for the confidentiality policy in use
  • Willingness to work in a team
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the universal human rights principles
  • Willingness to work in a human rights NGO

Types of tasks to be undertaken by volunteers

The tasks to be undertaken by the volunteers depend on the applicants’ skills and qualifications. The tasks undertaken by volunteers range from: researching and compiling data in a database, filing documents, providing legal assistance, undertaking legal research, working on a special project such as a documentary or a television show, writing and submitting reports to national and international instances, producing human rights training material for specific populations, hosting workshops and/or presentations, helping the administration and the accountability departments, organising and participating in JFJ events, and helping to do fundraise.

Conditions of work

There is no minimum nor maximum commitment required by volunteers in terms of time range.  Volunteers are free to work as many hours per week as they think fit.  The office hours are Monday to Thursday 9 to 5 and Friday 9 to 4. Volunteers are treated as equal to staff members and are strongly invited to participate in staff meetings, JFJ functions and public events.

Volunteers are not entitled to stipends nor retributions from the organisation, except in specific cases.

Code of conduct

Volunteers and interns are requested to abide by Jamaicans for Justice Code of Conduct.  Furthermore, volunteering in the Legal Department demands a high level of respect of confidential issues. Interns and volunteers in the Legal Department need to make sure they understand the confidentiality policy in place and that they abide to it.  In absolutely NO OCCASION should any person affiliated with JFJ (staff, volunteer, intern, member, director) do the following when representing or working at JFJ:

  • Carry weapons when participating in demonstrations, judicial proceedings and prohibited areas.
  • Verbally or physically assault another JFJ member or member of the public.
  • Release JFJ’s confidential information or documents.
  • Make unauthorised statements to the media.

A breach of the code of conduct will be followed by a reassessment of the intern / volunteer’s capacity to remain at JFJ and can be followed by a suspension from work.

Organizational structure

The organisational structure of JFJ is divided into 3 departments; Legal Department, Communications and Outreach, and Administration. In terms of human resources, the Kingston Secretariat is staffed by an Executive Director, an Accounting Technician/Administrative Supervisor, a Library assistant and an Administrative assistant who comprise the Administrative Department; 2 Attorneys at Law, and 2 Paralegals are employed at the organisation as project staff for the Legal Department; and 1 Communications Specialist and 1 Community education specialist (contractual) staff forms the Communications and Outreach Department.

Exit Survey

Volunteers/interns who have recently completed their service at JFJ should complete our exit survey to ensure that an adequate record of their work exists.  This is critical for volunteers/interns who may seek a recommendation in the future or would like to list their work at JFJ as work experience/community service.  The JFJ exit survey may be completed here.