Jamaicans for Justice Board of Directors Update

Thursday, July 31, 2014, Kingston, Jamaica

The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) requested by members and called by the Board of Directors was held on Tuesday, July 29 at Stella Maris. The meeting was requested to discuss recent developments within the organization and the discussion was frank, wide-ranging and orderly , with every major point of contention addressed. More information regarding outcomes will be fully presented to the public in due course.

One of the outcomes that can be announced immediately was the reconstitution of the Board of Directors of the organization. The two Board members remaining and present accepted the view of the nearly 40 floor members also present that they co-opt there and then, from among the membership, the additions needed to form an interim Board. (The constitutionally required number is seven.) This was done and, after the EGM was adjourned, the Board held its own first meeting under the chairmanship of Dr Barry Wade, a long standing  member and a former Deputy Chair of the JFJ board. The remit of the interim Board is to prepare for the election of a new Board of Directors and in the meantime to carry on the work of the organization.

The members of the interim Board are:
Dr. Barry Wade (Chairperson)
Christine Dalrymple (Secretary)
David Silvera (Treasurer)
Susan Mah Leung Evans
Carla Gullotta
Clifton McKenzie
Horace Levy
Rodje Malcolm
Allan Martin
Michael Lumsden

Another matter clearly decided was that JFJ will be resuming its established practice of speaking out on the broad range of human rights issues which forms an integral part of its mandate.