Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is a non-profit, non-partisan citizens’ rights action group. It aims to bring about fundamental change in Jamaica’s judicial, economic, social and political systems in order to improve the present and future lives of all Jamaicans. It has a vision of a Jamaica where the rights of all are ensured; where there is equal opportunity for citizens to realize their full potential and enjoy a sense of well-being; and where Jamaican culture is enhanced and respect is shared. Our belief in protecting the basic rights of all citizens of Jamaica is reinforced by the recognition and acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The Project

Justice, Security, Accountability and Transparency is the name of the project, for which two consultant researchers and a documenter are being sought. Funded by the European Union, the project comprises research and advocacy in respect of (1) the welfare of children in the care and custody of the state and (2) the protection of rights by state legislation and its agencies, specifically those affected by police behaviour and aspects of the justice system.


One consultant researcher is to investigate the condition of children detained by the Jamaican state in one way or another. The other consultant researcher is to investigate police conduct and aspects of the justice system in Jamaica. The researches are to form the basis of advocacy, to which the researchers will contribute significantly. The Documenter will assist the researchers in locating or getting hold of relevant documents and in organizing such interviews or other contacts as are needed.



Goal and Objectives

Researcher #1.

The goal is to provide a robust account of the policies and practices that impact the rights and wellbeing of children in the care or custody of the state, focusing on the welfare of wards of the state and children in conflict with the law who are resident in facilities. On this basis proposals for policy and institutional changes will he made.

Objectives: review the legislative, policy and institutional framework within which children in various forms of care/custody are situated, specifying from a human rights perspective various aspects of care such as physical wellbeing, education and psychosocial development, as well as the obligations of state actors to ensure their realization.




Researcher #2.

The goal is to determine the performance of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in relation to its mandate together with the operation of specified components of the Justice system with a view to identifying in what areas, if any, correction and new legislation are called for.

Objectives include the determination of extra-judicial actions, adherence to disciplinary measures, and JCF practices bearing on relations with lower-income communities, along with aspects of the court system that impose hardship on lower-income people especially.
Documenter. Objectives: Provision of such documents, contacts and other assistance as the JSAT Project researchers/advocates will require.



  • Desk reviews are expected for the collection of relevant statistical and other background data, these taking best practices into account wherever appropriate.
  • Interviews and other participatory approaches, wherever possible, to obtain the views of relevant stakeholders and key informants in a non-judgmental and receptive way.


Duration of Consultancies

95 days over 18 months



  1. Work plan & Methodology: within five days
  1. Preliminary Research Report: after further 70 days
  1. Final Research/Advocacy Report: up to further 20 days


Consultants Qualifications

  • Track record in action research
  • Graduate or postgraduate achievement in social science or development or the equivalent in human rights engagement
  • Experience or affinity with the matters to be researched
  • Good communication skills
  • Community experience


Expression of Interest

This should be accompanied by

  1. Curriculum vitae
  1. Supporting documents
  1. A draft plan of action.