JFJ Deeply Disturbed by the Inconsistencies Surrounding the Death of Mario Deane

JFJ is deeply disturbed by the inconsistencies surrounding the circumstances of the death of Mario Deane on August 6 whilst in police custody

The information contradicting the police’s claim about the circumstances of the death is extremely troubling. The claim that Mr. Dean and his friend, who attempted to provide surety for his bail, both refused to cooperate in some way seems incredible. It is not believable that Mr. Dean would risk a return to jail rather than comply with whatever requirements there were for being bailed. It is also not credible that a beating by other cell mates as claimed by the police could have occurred without their notice and early intervention.

JFJ calls for an immediate post mortem to be carried out in accordance with best practice, in the presence of an independent observer representing the family. JFJ also encourages anyone with relevant information concerning the death of Mario Dean to provide it to INDECOM.

While the early expressions of concern by the Ministers of National Security and Justice are appropriate and welcomed, it is unacceptable that measures to ensure the welfare and rights of citizens in police custody and the vigilant supervision of jails were not already ensured. It is an indictment on the State given the INDECOM report on the incidence of citizens’ deaths in Jails and the recent case of Kamoza Clarke who died after a severe beating by police whilst in custody.

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