JFJ Demands Announcement Of New Election Date

Jamaica is now two days past the date set for members of the Security Forces and Election Day Workers and one working day away from a Gazetted date of August 27, 2007 for the rest of the electorate to vote for their representatives. At this point in time the Government has not informed the people of the new date for the general election. The Prime Minister’s failure in her address to the nation last night to deal with the matter of the pending elections has heightened the level of tension and uncertainty in the country.

The Electoral Commission has recommended that the elections be postponed in light of the impact of Hurricane Dean. They have advised that they will be able to make satisfactory arrangements for the holding of elections even in the absence of electrical supply to all polling stations.   They have recommended a specific date for the holding of the postponed elections. Jamaicans For Justice is aware that, by convention, the recommendations of the Electoral Commission are followed and the running of elections is entirely in their hands.

It is completely unacceptable that the people of Jamaica are being kept totally in the dark about the exercise of the most fundamental right of a democracy. Jamaicans For Justice calls on the Government to announce immediately that it has accepted the advice of the Electoral Commission and state without further delay the new date of the election.

For more information contact:
Mrs. Susan Goffe (876) 815-3648/970-4224
Dr. Carolyn Gomes (876) 755-4524-6/382-8583