JFJ Denounces Lauriston Killings and Calls for Respect for Rule of Law

JFJ Denounces Lauriston Killings and Calls for Respect for Rule of Law

July 21, 2011, Kingston, Jamaica – Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is appalled by the barbaric shooting and beheading of three residents of the community of  Lauriston, St. Catherine over the past three days. We denounce these heinous acts and extend our sympathies to the families and friends of the victims and the community which has been so terrorised by these despicable killings.  We are deeply disturbed that there are members of our society that would carry out such vicious and inhumane acts and are saddened that our country continues to be plagued by a culture of bloodletting and violence.

In the face of such horrific barbarity, JFJ implores fellow Jamaicans to stand together to resist this culture of violence which has so devastated our society and our country.   It is necessary to take a stand for the rule of law, to stand for another way than that of further violence, to resist the urge to make this heinous act the justification for the society to move further down the road of vengeance and violence.  We must stand firmly to say that this barbarity is wrong and the whole society must condemn it, stand together against it and use strong action, within the law, to deal with it. Respect for the rule of law is what will serve as the shield between decent, law abiding citizens and the common criminals who would destroy us.

We ask that all law abiding members of society work with, support and encourage members of the police force as they strive fearlessly and lawfully to serve, protect and reassure the community of Lauriston and the rest of Jamaica.  We ask the Police to work swiftly to apprehend the perpetrators, and bring them to justice in a court of law.  We appeal to anyone with information re the commission of these vicious acts or the whereabouts of the perpetrators or their supporters, to immediately provide this information to the Police Force.

It is time to end the cycle of violence, it is time to work together for peace and justice, it is time for all to shoulder their responsibility in the struggle for a peaceful, law a biding Jamaica, freed from the tyranny of barbarity and inhumanity.


For more information contact:

Dr. Carolyn Gomes, Executive Director, 382-8583
OR Mrs.Susan Goffe, Chairperson, 815-3648