JFJ Heartened by DPP’s Decision to Charge Police Officers in the Tony Richards case

JFJ Heartened by DPP’s Decision to Charge Police Officers in the Tony Richards case

Tuesday, August 23, 2011, Kingston, Jamaica – Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is pleased with the recent ruling of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) that Detective Constable Tyrone Findlay and Constable Leonard Lindsay are to be charged with the Murder of Anthony Richards and Wounding with Intent of Roshane Dixon.

Richards, a 27-year old man was shot several times and killed by the police on January 1, 2010 at a New Year’s Day celebration in Alligator Pond, Manchester.  His companion, Dixon was shot and injured. According to eye witness reports Richards and Dixon were shot during an encounter with two policemen in plainclothes on the beach at Alligator Pond.

The shooting of the men had sparked outrage and a massive demonstration by the residents of the community who demanded answers and insisted that action be taken against what appeared to be trigger-happy policemen. Richards and Dixon were deemed by the community to be hard-working and law-abiding citizens who were involved in the community football team.

JFJ is pleased that the family of the men and the people of Alligator Pond have gotten some small measure of justice with this ruling by the DPP which will mean the accused police officers will answer to the charges in the Circuit Court. Given the more than eighteen months that it has taken just to reach to this point JFJ hopes that the case will be thoroughly, effectively and expeditiously prosecuted to allow some closure to the families affected.  Justice should not be further delayed in this matter.

JFJ is concerned that only one of the policemen involved, Det. Constable Leonard Lindsay, has been brought before the court to answer the charges against him. We are disappointed that the authorities have not used all the resources of available to them to apprehend and bring Det. Constable Tyrone Findlay to justice and we implore them to do so.

JFJ urges all witnesses to make themselves available to the courts when summoned.  It will need the resolve of all stakeholders, victims, jurors, witnesses, prosecutors, expert witnesses and court staff to ensure that justice is not only done but ‘manifestly and undoubtedly seen to be done’ in this and all other similar cases.


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