JFJ Press Release: Family of ‘Mickey’ Hill to Commemorate One-Year Anniversary of his Death

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Family of ‘Mickey’ Hill to Commemorate One-Year Anniversary of his Death

Wednesday, November 02, 2011, Kingston, Jamaica – One year has passed since the death of Frederick ‘Mickey’ Hill and his family is yet to receive answers and justice. Despite this, the family of Mickey Hill, supported by Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), friends and well-wishers, will be commemorating the one-year anniversary of ‘Mickey’s’ death with a candle light vigil this Friday, November 4, 6:30 p.m. at the Sunrise Club, Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril.

‘Mickey’ Hill was killed last year on November 4 by a group of seven or eight policemen who arrived at his home in a police bus. There were credible reports that some of the police officers were wearing masks or ‘kerchiefs’ tied over their faces at the time of the fatal shooting. Mickey was carrying a ‘scandal’ bag that had in it cornmeal and condensed milk, groceries which he purchased on that ill-fated morning. The police officers demanded that he tell them what was in the bag. While ‘Mickey’ was in the process of showing them the contents of the bag, a police officer opened fire and shot him at least three times at point blank range. He died on the spot and his body was removed by another group of policemen who placed it in the back of a police pickup truck.

The slaying of ‘Mickey’ sent shockwaves through the communities in Negril and Savanna-la-Mar. Mickey was a well-known and well-liked man who was an important player in the tourist industry in Negril. The determination of ‘Mickey’s’ family, friends and supporters to get justice for his senseless killing, resulted in a swift charge of murder laid against Corporal Malica Reid in February of this year. Since this early promising sign, a trial date is yet to be set for the matter to proceed in court. This is due largely to a failure on the part of the Director of Public Prosecution to be ready to proceed to trial.     

As the memorial of this hardworking Jamaican approaches, well-thinking Jamaicans should not sit idly by and allow more lives to be summarily taken by those sworn to protect, serve and reassure. Support ‘Mickey’s’ family, friends, JFJ and sympathizers in honouring Mickey Hill’s life and making demands for answers, accountability and change! The abrogation of ‘Mickey’s’ rights in Negril is a threat to everyone’s rights across Jamaica.