JFJ Press Release: JFJ Expresses Sympathy For Slain Police Officer

JFJ Expresses Sympathy for Slain Police Officer 

Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is troubled by the murder of yet another police officer, Sergeant Errol Brown, who was found fatally shot yesterday, in Montego Bay. We extend our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

JFJ recognizes the challenging and frontline role the police play in the protection of the citizens of this country. Therefore, when members of the police force fall victim to violent crime, it is cause for deep regret, concern and commiseration.

The number of killings of both police and civilians over the last month and year leaves Jamaicans in a state of mourning and grief, both for the lives lost and for the unhealthy state of the nation. The continued violation of the most basic of human rights, the right to life, if unchecked, will only result in the further mutilation of our society.

As the murder rate continues to climb, we must ask ourselves what lawful role each of us can play to contribute to arresting this self destructive course.

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