JFJ rolls out 2-year outreach, education and advocacy initiative


Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) will embark on a 2-year initiative to empower marginalized communities, improve policing, and raise national awareness of human rights issues. The project, Understanding our Rights, Roles and Responsibilities – Ensuring Citizen’s Participation for a Better Jamaica, is funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) as part of its 8th round of grant awards to CSOs. JFJ is pleased to partner with UNDEF, a global force for democracy and human rights, to address the low awareness, understanding and protection of human rights and civic principles among citizens and duty-bearers in Jamaica.


The project will facilitate a targeted intervention in 10 marginalized communities to build knowledge of human rights and the capacity of residents to engage in grass-roots advocacy, enabling them to safeguard their rights. The project will also deliver human rights training to police officers – ranging from new recruits to serving officers – in order to facilitate transformation within the police force. Finally, JFJ will launch a national awareness-raising and advocacy campaign that educates the general public and engages policy-makers to achieve positive change

Increased civic awareness is critical for bolstering Jamaican democracy. In its development strategy Vision 2030, The Jamaican government recognized good governance – the integration of human rights, accountability and citizen participation – as key to the country’s advancement. However, its ability to achieve this has been undermined by low levels of human rights and civic literacy; diminishing political engagement; and high levels of marginalization which contribute to a cycle of poverty, violence and state abuse.

JFJ anticipates that this initiative will help bring about some of the improvements that are needed. To find out more about this project or to get involved contact us at admin@jamaicansforjustice.org