Horace Levy


Horace Levy - JFJ

Horace Levy is a director at Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ). He has extensive experience in violence prevention and intervention in volatile communities as well as civil-society advocacy. Horace is an active member of the Jamaica Civil Society Coalition (JCSC), an umbrella organization of civil society groups, and a long-standing member of the Peace Management Initiative, the 12-year-old NGO established by the Jamaican Government to head off and reduce community violence.

A former research fellow in the Institute of Criminal Justice and Security at the University of the West Indies and before that, a senior lecturer in the Social Work Unit of the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work, Levy is author of They Cry ‘Respect’ (1996), Killing Streets and Community Revival (2009) and most recently Youth Violence and Organized Crime in Jamaica: Causes and Counter-Measures (2012). You can follow him on the blog Turning the Tide.