JFJ - Nelson Mandela Day Peaceful Protest for Child Rights - July 18, 2013 (14)

Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is a non-partisan, non-governmental human rights and social justice organization. Founded in 1999, JFJ investigates and provides legal support in response to human rights violations in Jamaica, campaigns for social justice causes, conducts research on human rights and social justice, and works on legislation and policy. JFJ serves hundreds of Jamaicans each year and produces high-impact research and advocacy that shape the national agenda.

JFJ works on diverse and emerging human rights issues in Jamaica with a special focus on

  1. Policing, Public Security and Human Rights
  2. Access to Justice for All Persons
  3. Child Rights, Safety and Justice
  4. Anti-Discrimination and Protection of Vulnerable Groups
  5. Governance, Transparency and Accountability
  6. Social and Economic Justice
  7. Right to Health and Medical Institutions
  8. The Enabling Environment for Human Rights
  9. Human Rights Education

Our Vision

A Jamaica where the rights of all are ensured; where there is equal opportunity for citizens to realize their full potential and enjoy a sense of well-being; and where our culture is enhanced and respect shared.

Our Values

Truth, Transparency, Integrity, Empathy, Humility, Respect.

Our Core Beliefs

Justice is the bedrock of any civilized and progressive society and all Jamaicans must have equal access to fair and impartial treatment. JFJ believes in the protection of the human rights of every human being.