Legal Department & Response Team

From Jamaicans for Justice’s (JFJ’s) inception in 1999, people have been coming to the organisation to seek assistance. It was from this early stage that it was decided that JFJ would not go in search of clients, but would respond to requests made by citizens. Owing to the nature of most of the cases brought to the organisation, that of allegations of human and constitutional rights violations, particularly those perpetrated by the state and its agents, a team was organised to be on duty to record, monitor and report on these cases.

The Response Team/Legal Department of JFJ routinely monitors myriad of ongoing cases that involve alleged abuses by agents of the state. The organisation’s legal team comprises two attorneys and two paralegals. We assist victims by offering services such as basic legal advice, liaisons with and referrals to other suitable organisations and providing legal representation in the Coroners’ and Circuit Courts as well as at the Privy Council. The Legal Department also petitions international bodies mainly through the use of test cases in order to have the human rights situation in the country improved.