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Jamaicans for Justice, one of the leading human rights organisations in Jamaica, is pleased to announce that we are launching a project called “Mainstreaming Justice: Redress for Marginalized Groups and Establishing National Human Rights Indicators in Jamaica”, with generous support from the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). This project seeks to advance human rights at both the individual and national levels in Jamaica by:

  1. improving access to justice for specific marginalized persons
  2. implementing a human rights monitoring and planning tool called the Human Rights Indicator framework created by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Under the “Mainstreaming Justice” project, Jamaicans for Justice will provide legal support to marginalized victims of human rights violations across Jamaica – thereby strengthening the rule of law and human rights. Coupled with securing redress for individual violations, the project will also sensitize key stakeholders in the justice system (such as police, Justices of the Peace, prosecutors, and judges) to better understand and respect human rights, thereby reducing structural barriers to both the enjoyment of rights and justice for their violation.

At the national level, the project will establish a new approach to measuring human rights, by introducing UN-designed framework called “Human Rights Indicators” that are designed to produce a sophisticated, multi-functional way of determining the status of human right-compliance. The introduction of this system will strengthen Jamaica’s national human rights response by systematizing multi-sectoral human rights planning, funding, issue-identification, and measurement.

Jamaicans for Justice is eager to commence the implementation of this project. We anticipate that the work carried out under this project will greatly improve the human rights situation on the ground for all Jamaicans.